A summary about my Action-RPG game

  • noekaech
  • Noé Käch
  • August 9, 2022
Scavenger Orion is an Action-RPG game with a strong world-exploration focus. In a surreal world filled with riddles and mysteries, Alice sets out in search of his missing father.


  • An action-packed retro-style role-playing game that provides a platform for the free exploration of a colorful and bright pixelated world, where you will encounter tense boss battles and challenging enemies.

  • Use strategy and resources effectively, and search for a strong option for each battle and scenario. In particular, side quests that feature a challenge that introduces you to a particular area of the world of which are perfectly complemented by entertaining and inspiring character-driven stories.

  • Build complementary crafting items and use them in combat to increase your odds of surviving. Keep smiling delightedly at your special adventure because of its special and fun appeal!

  • Weekly Game Events

    Three days after Mint/Public Sale date starts the in-game events. The goal of these events is to find many treasure scrolls hidden in the treasure chests using the Treasury Detector Webapp and to register yourself in the webapp. Every week there are three lucky winners in a raffle. The weekly raffle is funded by approximately 20% of all artygeeks NFT collection sales revenue. This allows players to gain an extremely large amount of Ethereum on a weekly basis.

    Hi, my name is Noé Käch and I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. I am the creator behind this cool NFT project. Feel free to check out my nft blog articles to find out why this project has extreme potential.