What are the artygeeks nft collection basics?

  • noekaech
  • Noé Käch
  • July 10, 2022


Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain regarding NFTs. It also enjoys many Smart Contract features not found on other blockchains, such as Solana.


Each Arty Geek Artwork is different! You will never get bored, and everything is hand-drawn using high-quality Procreate brushes. It is amazing!


IPFS technology is always storing the data permanently! That way, your NFTs are always available to you.

Idea behind the Arty Geeks Name

Arty Geeks is a pun on the word art mixed with geek. It includes people who spend hours on subjects about art and technology and those who develop special skills from it. The artist of this collection, for example, is an Arty Geek. Are you one too? Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Discord so that you can stay up-to-date with what's happening in the community.

What is the price potential?

The NFT tool from Gigavec (algorithmic NFT Appraisal using AI) thinks that many Arty Geeks NFTs will have great success in the secondary marketplace. Many figures are estimated to be worth over 2000 dollars. Additionally, the AI tool said that the price range for many Arty Geeks NFT figures is about 541 dollars to 9043 dollars. So, according to these estimates, the buyers of an Arty Geeks NFT figure can make an extremely high profit. We will only know if these estimates are correct when the figures are sold on the Secondary Marketplace.

How many distinctive attributes has this collection?

This collection has 99 distinctive attributes

What is the minting Price?

The minting Price is 0.15 Ethereum

Hi, my name is Noé Käch and I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. I am the creator behind this cool NFT project. Feel free to check out my nft blog articles to find out why this project has extreme potential.