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What is the backstory about Noé Käch?

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  • Noé Käch
  • July 10, 2022
In my childhood (at the age of 10), I started collecting Pokemon cards. The main reasons to collect Pokemon cards were:

  • The thrill of opening Pokemon booster packs
  • The cute Pokemon characters personalize me
  • The exciting rarity system
  • The thrilling Pokemon Games

Each time I asked myself: how rare are the figures I have inside the pack. I had a card with a glittery star in a few cases. This card is extremely rare to have in a booster pack. But when I had such a booster pack, I had mega joy, and I could hardly believe my luck. This collecting desire has continued strongly. I bought over 50 packs.

During the summer vacation, I went on holiday to Bali (Indonesia) with my parents and brother. The most inspiring things happened in the rainforest of Bali. Densely in the rainforest, the inhabitants even collected Pokemon. I could look at their collection and be thrilled. Besides the Pokemon cards, they also had three-dimensional Pokemon figures. A few days later, we went to a marketplace. Funnily enough, they were selling Pokemon cards that they had printed out from a conventional laser printer at this marketplace. You could tell by the quality of the paper. They didn’t offer their cards in booster packs, but you could look at all their cards and decide which cards you wanted to buy. Of course, I also looked at the rarity system of the cards. Their cards didn’t have a glitter effect, though, unfortunately. Nevertheless, their business model worked well. This event inspired me so much that I decided to create my own Pokemon cards a few years later. In the first batch, I drew 153 figures. They looked youthful, but like the Pokemon, they had their special attacks.


2015: The first interesting fantasy characters I ever have drawn. You can see these characters on noetopia.ch (german website)

After a long process, I realized that I could integrate this Pokemon collecting principle, which I became addicted to, into my digital collection. I was looking for technology with high potential and many more reasons to buy than Pokemon cards. After much research, I found ways to make the Pokemon collecting principle. We are talking about Digital Assets linked to Ethereum Smart Contracts. The possibilities this gives me are huge. Soon I will write a post about it. So stay tuned.

Back to my bio:

My NFT characters are painted with rainforest brushes. The reference behind it is my inspiring Bali rainforest vacation. In addition, the figures show the feelings of many geeks in our society. About the names of the attributes: Each attribute has its color name, which is about something on our planet. This name is registered globally.

Link to the names:


Hollywood Cerise, Manhattan, Brilliant Rose, Denim are four of the 99 names.

Hi, my name is Noé Käch and I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. I am the creator behind this cool NFT project. Feel free to check out my nft blog articles to find out why this project has extreme potential.