Easy Instruction on how to use Treasury Detector

  • noekaech
  • Noé Käch
  • August 24, 2022
On this page you can see pictures of the hidden places, which you have to find in the game and scan by AR Treasury Detector. URL: Every week, new locations to search in the game will be added to the Gameevents URL.

Once you find the first hidden place in the game, you can proceed with these simple steps and you will know what you need to do in order to participate in the weekly game events. The 10 Steps Instructions takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

First Step:

Open the Metamask App on your smartphone.

Note: You can also use a Metamask-compatible browser (any browser that can interact with your Metamask Wallet). However, this is not shown here. For this tutorial, you need the official Metamask Wallet app which you can download from the Playstore and Appstore.

Second Step

First click on Icon ≡, then you will see a sidebar. In the sidebar, click on the Browser option.

Third Step

Now click on the "Search or Type URL" button. In the search bar, type

Fourth Step

On the Scavenger Orion Website, first click on this icon ≡. Then click on Claim your Membership Benefits.

Fifth Step

After that, scroll to the section: Unlock AR Treasury Detector.

Sixth Step

Now connect your Metamask Wallet address, who own an NFT from the ARTYGEEKS collection. After that, you will be asked if you want to sign the message. Click on Sign.

Seventh Step:

The Ethereum Blockchain will now check your wallet to verify that you own an NFT from the ARTYGEEKS collection. After that, the system will redirect you.

Eighth Step:

Now click the ⋯ icon. After that, an options menu opens, where you select open in Browser. When you have done this, you should click the Launch button.

Ninth Step:

Now you have to scan the hidden place using the augmented reality scanner. Attention: Please position yourself exactly as shown in the Preview Field.

previewfield functionsarwebapp

Final Step:

Now you will be redirected to the raffle form that you need to fill out in order to participate.

Info: If you want to increase your chances of winning high rewards by scanning multiple hidden places, it is extremely important that you do not close the Web AR app and the browser during the entire process.

2nd point: Once the preview field changes his image, you are ready to scan the second hidden location. Note: Detecting a new AR connection does not take long.

Hi, my name is Noé Käch and I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. I am the creator behind this cool NFT project. Feel free to check out my nft blog articles to find out why this project has extreme potential.